Cactus Club Cafe – Dinner Edition

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I’d like to thank @ORScion for their $50 gift-card as part of their weekly giveaways and for supplying us a pleasant evening @cactusclubcafe.

My girlfriend and I visited the Cactus Club Cafe in Coquitlam last night. This one is on the corner of Schoolhouse and Lougheed Hwy, super easy to find. We arrived around 7pm on the Friday night, we were very lucky that the wait did not exceed 20minutes. Note: They do not take reservations. And when you arrive, be sure to look for one of the ladies up front so, they could take down your name. Hint: I called in 30mins before, and asked them how long the wait would be. (Here’s the number: 604-777-0440)

We were seated after 15minutes… After our drinks came, we quickly ordered because we were starving. However, the waitress was not always there to check up on you. (Maybe it was Friday night.)

Tuna Tataki - $13.75

My girlfriend is a Tuna Tataki lover. She knows which ones are good and which ones are bad. When I put the first piece of tuna into my mouth, I almost had to spit it back out. (But, being polite, I didn’t.) It was ridiculously salty. We called our server, and told her this was way too salty.

And she actually told us this, “Yeah, have you tried this dish before?”
We said, “Not here. But, we know what Tuna Tataki tastes like!”
She replied, “Oh…our chefs must have sprinkled too much salt onto the tuna. Do you want me to get you another one?”
We said, “Yes, please!”

Then she took it away, and bought one back in less than 5mins. She told us, “Remember next time to get it without the SALT.” I’m thinking in my head, why would you put salt on it? They’d only put salt on it, if it wasn’t fresh. But it was fresh! And in the menu description: [locally caught oceanwise seared albacore tuna, green papaya slaw, orange, avocado, pine nuts, yuzu vinaigrette.] there is no hint of SALT! Weird.

Anyhow, the second order came was much better. Not the best in Tuna Tataki, I think Japanese restaurants make it better with their Ponzu sauce. And probably cheaper as well.

Butternut Squash + Prawn Ravioli - $24.50

This dish was a Rob Feenie signature dish. Perhaps this is why you’re looking at such a small portion with a ridiculous pricing. Despite the price, this dish was pretty good. It was made from truffle beurre blanc, amaretti, pine nuts and crispy sage with white wine sautéed jumbo prawns. The sauce had a rather sweet taste to it, I loved it. My girlfriend, not so much. Prawns were on the whole fresh, very easy to make. The ravioli had butternut squash filling instead of cheese, which tasted really good. If you have a big appetite, one suggestion, don’t get this dish. Not the best value for the buck.

Caesar Salad - add $4

The caesar salad was like any other caesar. Nothing special here, just wanted to get some veges. I still think that Boathouse has the best Caesar Salad because they use fresh grind Parmesan. This salad was added on top of what’s coming next.

Pesto Chicken Quesadilla - $10.25
Opened Quesadilla

My girlfriend insisted to get this because she haven’t had one in a long time. The menu had dried cranberries on it, but we decided not to add it. (Thought it was a weird combo.) On the whole, this was quite good, very tender chicken bits and the dip blended well with the Quesadilla. I was expecting a round-whole dish of Quesadilla, but with disappointment, there was only half a dish.


For food, it wasn’t bad. Everything was quite normal, no surprises, except the Tuna Tataki. Remember to tell them not to put SALT in if you do order this dish. Vinaigrette was used as a substitute. The service could have been better. For a $$$ restaurant, I expected service to be a bit better than just smiling waitresses. On the note of services, there was this one lady that was walking with a clipboard, at least 10 or 15minutes back and forth each time, very annoying. I think she was seeing which table is free. But, come on, I see this lady more than our server. The value, I just didn’t feel like this meal was worth more than $40. Our bill came to a little less than $60 excluding tips. The ambiance was dark inside, like any other similar types of restaurants, it was however very loud (maybe, again, it was Friday night). There was this one girl who was drunk at 8pm in the evening, screaming her head off. Cactus Club’s washroom should be quite a surprise if you haven’t been to one before, but if you have, it’s no surprise.


My Ratings

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 2.5/5
Ambiance: 3/5

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